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Monetize Your Idle Space

SpaceiShare helps Asset Managers
monetize their idle parking and storage spaces. 

Get Your 8 Strategies to Monetize Idle Space Now

 Increase your building’s ancillary revenue and drive NOI.

Get ongoing passive income.

 At SpaceiShare, we market and manage your storage and parking’s monthly rentals. No need to post on classified sites like Kijiji and Craigslist, we take care of it all. The best part is, all of the revenues remain in your pocket. 

Free up your property manager’s time

Your property managers have bigger deals to work on – like renting out apartments, dealing with tenant issues and leasing commercial space. Our team handles the day-to-day details of renting your parking or storage spaces: communications, lease distribution, payments and issues. 

Is your space right for us?

It doesn’t matter if you have one parking space or thousands of square feet of concrete rooms – all spaces are worth money. Consider that self-storage facilities in urban centres charge as much as $6/sq ft/month. If you have idle space in your building, we can help.

Insurance coverage

SpaceiShare can extend your insurance with a separate policy for special storage or parking use cases

Low to No-Cost Options

SpaceiShare charges your storage or parking Renters between 10 – 20% surcharge. 
Choose your level of service.


$0   additional service fees

Use of the Space-Management Platform;

Communicate directly with potential Renters through messaging portal;

Access all relevant data & reporting.

Most Popular

Concierge Service

5% per month

We manage:

All communications with Renters;

Automated payments;

Detailed payment reporting;

Parking Passes (for dashboard);

Extra marketing promotion for your space (Kijiji, Craigslist).


10% per month

We manage:

FOB/Key distribution (where available);

Signed lease documents (when necessary);

All communications with Renters;

Automated Payments;

Detailed payment reporting;

Parking Passes (for dashboard);

 Full marketing promotion for your space (Kijiji, Craigslist, FB & Google Adwords).

Common questions

I only have 3 empty parking spaces, is it worth posting? 

Absolutely, we’re seeking spaces and numbers of any size. Our demand side has big businesses and individual users seeking space – yours is probably one of them.

Do you have a setup cost?

No. It’s absolutely free to list. We can either set up your listings or help you set them up. For multiple listings, we can download multiple listings at once.

Is zoning an issue?

Depending on your location and zoning, you may have bylaws that prevent you from openly offering parking or storage to outside residents.  Contact us to discuss ways we can help. 

What kind of lease contract do you offer tenants?

We can customize our standard lease contract to include your particular requirements or simply use yours. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card payments through Stripe. 

We have old concrete spaces in the basement of our building. Do I need to implement lockers?

Short answer – it depends. You can make more money by partitioning your space into smaller units for individual renters, but business owners sometimes require the entire space. Let’s discuss!

We already have a big parking company taking care of our lot, but it’s half empty. Can you help?

We’re happy to work with every parking company out there. We simply post the spaces managed by them and ensure the monthly rates are in line with the area (often they’re far higher).

Do you manage daily parking?

We currently do not manage daily parking but have partners we work with who are the top in the industry.

Anything special for large organizations?

Yes! If we can secure a contract for either significant storage or parking demand, we will negotiate a rate with you and the potential corporate tenant to give you a predictable income for the medium to long-term future.

I don’t want to manage additional Renters or the liability of renting the space – but I want the money. Can you help?

We hear this a lot. If you have a good space and location and willing to implement a few leasehold improvements, we can manage the space fully as our separate City Storage division.

8 Strategies to Monetize Idle Space

Increase Ancillary Revenue And Drive NOI