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Reduce Costs on Storage For Your Business

At SpaceiShare, we help you find space for a cheaper rate.

Let’s chat about how we can reduce your storage costs.

Can Storage Help Drive My Bottom Line?

SpaceiShare helps businesses by locating low-cost, convenient storage locations. Retail, construction, real estate, legal, medical, restaurant, and landscaping businesses all leverage storage to drive their business.

Retail Business

 Both franchises and independent stores can benefit from storage.

Retail space comes at a premium; whereas storage is lower cost. If your retail inventory is outgrowing the storage available in the back room, weigh the costs of leasing a bigger retail unit vs getting a low cost, off-site storage unit. Storage almost always makes for a better bottom line. Independent designers/makers/producers struggle with having enough space to store their creative inventory. Pre-packaging items for shipping and storing is a simple business storage solution that will help you fill orders on demand. Storage allows a business owner to focus on their order fulfillment process, allowing for faster, as well as higher volume sales.


Real Estate Business






Real estate agents and home stagers are always on-the-move and seasonal demands for furniture, promotional and sales collateral fluctuates. Stockpiling these materials in a storage unit prevents damage as well as keeps your vehicle clean and tidy. Storing decorative items and home furnishings in a safe storage unit is an ideal solution. For a more affordable option, choose to access the items directly instead of having a storage concierge company supply the items on demand.  
































Construction Business

Many construction businesses wrestle with managing their inventory and equipment as not all equipment is necessary for every project. When assets are stored, they extend their lifespan and minimize repairs. This can cut costs, minimize theft, protect items from the elements and decrease construction waste.

Legal and Medical Professionals

Legal and medical professionals need to keep certain documents for a minimum number of years. This paperwork can accumulate fast and keeping it out of the office in a storage facility only makes sense. Minimizing those storage costs makes even more sense.

Restaurants and Catering

Devoting as much space as possible to your dining floor is important to maximizing profits as a restaurant. Restaurants need storage for: 

  • Chairs
  • Benches
  • Tables
  • Dishes
  • Seasonal Decorations
  • Silverware
  • Waitstaff supplies
  • Backup appliances

Caterers need additional space to store many of the same items. If you need storage for your business, keeping those costs as low as possible while keeping the location as convenient as possible is crucial to your net revenue.


Landscapers have much in the way of tools and equipment. They should be accessible at all times and stored safely to prevent damage or theft. A convenient storage unit enables you to be nimble, taking only what you need for each job minimizing gas needs and enabling for more jobs to happen concurrently.


Warehousing and storage go hand-in-hand. However, what needs to be clear is that additional space within a warehouse can be far easier to find when you utilize a platform like SpaceiShare. Millions of square ft across the country go unused every year, while millions more of new inventory come online. If efficiencies were improved and space was easier to source, more developed space would be monetized and less development would occur.

Reduce Costs on Storage For Your Business

At SpaceiShare, we help you find space for a cheaper rate.

Let’s chat about how we can reduce your storage costs.

Benefits of using the marketplace

  • Costs can be up to 60% less

  • Space can be more conveniently located

  • Spaces come from property owners & small businesses vs. traditional self storage

  • Time saved when you enlist our team to find you a space

  • Legal documents provided

  • Easy monthly payments made online

Common questions

Anything special for large organizations?

Yes! If we can secure a contract for a significant storage space, we will negotiate a great rate with you and the potential Host to give you a predictable payment schedule for the medium to long-term future.

What kind of lease contract do I need to sign?

This all depends on the Host. Some require annual leases, most are good with month-to-month. We try to work with our Hosts to allow for the most flexible, affordable storage agreements.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards through our third-party payment system, Stripe.

What if I need to cancel early?

Most of our agreements indicate a rate based on the length of term you book storage. Should the rate be lowered due to a lengthy commitment, then a pro-rated charge might be added. Most of our agreements require a 30-60-day cancellation.